Best Strategies to Play The Best Version of Fish Hunter 

Gaming plays an indispensable role in mankind’s entertainment. It is said that it is not only a game to help people relieve stress, but the game also helps players strike up new friendships to accompany us in the rhythm of life. And the kind of game that can help players interact with each other and make friends, that is online Fish Hunter game.

How to play the online fish hunter game?

For online fish hunter game, the way to play is also very easy, when entering the game at the four corners of the screen are four positions corresponding to four players, each player will have scores corresponding to the number of bullets used. to shoot fish, and the player has the right to choose the appropriate type of bullet to shoot the lowest number of bullets to shoot fish is eight bullets and gradually higher. In the table, there are many different types of fish and of course, the score will be different.

At CMD368, players can enjoy an amazing fish shooting game with amazing features. You could have a chance to become a professional fish hunter by catching all kinds of fish and bonuses. Amazing colored sea environments, with cool underwater graphics and interface will satisfy players’ expectations and ensure the best fish hunting experience.

Below are the 5 most sought-after fish hunter games that are attracting a huge amount of gamers.






What do you need to play?

The online shooting game requires players to have an internet connection at the beginning of the game, and once connected, just select the appropriate points, the player can start. While taking part in fish hunter,  each player in the game plays in a team, but players’ achievements are accounted individually, which means that the person who shoots the fish gets the score and not divided by the other players.


Step 1: Login/ Join now

To experience interesting Fish Hunter games and make a profit from them, you need to take the first either move to

“Login” if you already have an account or

“Join Now” to be one of the thousands of gamers at CMD368.  

All the steps are taken and processed at fast-paced and easily, ensuring the quickest moments of experience.

Step 2: Deposit

To experience the most enjoyable gameplays of Fish Hunter, deposit your capital in your account and then, start to enjoy. Apart from your capital, CMD368 also provides players with frequent promotions on a regular basis and on special events. Particularly,  fishing welcome bonus 20% is offered validly for those members who make their First Deposit at Fishing Games at CMD368. This is not to mention 10% of fishing reload bonus is also provided frequently for players.

Step 3: Choose your favorite type:

Coming to the next stage is the selection of your favorite Fish Hunter game, which suits your taste and bring you victories. Particularly, depositing at CMD368 offers player 0.8% of rebate, which mean 

Step 4: Collect winning payout:

Your winning payout will be sent to you electronically via your nominated bank account. now, all you need to do is to keep enjoying the game and wait for money coming to your account.

Best Strategies to play online fish hunter game effectively

Fish Hunter game is no stranger to gamers, but not everyone can get the results they expected, worse than you often lose continuously. Therefore, we have compiled the best tips for playing the catapults so that players can win every battle.

Be patient, Don’t Rush!

In fish hunter game, to shoot large fish with only eight bullets, there is a small tip to pay attention to like this, when players decide to shoot large fish, they should persist to shoot with the eight bullets so the damage will be very little, so it is not worry, and even if the bullets are many times larger than that, it is impossible to shoot once and the fish will be destroyed.

Take advantage of the fish season to earn bonuses.

There is a highly expected bonus round at the player’s payoff is the return season, which is taken place periodically, particularly, when they swim slowly in any order, line or pattern. Take that advantage of destroying them all.

It is common that the coming fish season will offer valuable fish that are protected by small rows of small fish outside. Advisably, you should not try to destroy all the small fish and coming to shoot the big fish. Instead,  find a space and start to hunt valuable creatures at the fastest speed.

CMD368 often integrates additional support features and facilitates players to receive free coins for newcomers, take advantage of these free starting coin sources also gives you a significant amount of money.

Tips shooting fish individually

On the screen, it is common to see fish following a herd, which makes it harder to aim. Instead, shooting individual fish is judged to be much better. Players will focus on aiming without being distracted.

If the individual fish appears on the screen, the player should use small bullets, just enough to destroy them. Avoid using weapons with high capacity, so it will be wasteful. Moreover, if the small fish that you have fired from 3-4 bullets but did not hit or they are not dead and swim away, then stop and find a new target to shoot.

Of course, you should also know the type of bullets suitable for each fish. If you see big children use big bullets, small children use small bullets.

Tips to shoot the whole school of fish

If the way of shooting a single swimming fish helps us focus on shooting, the following in the swarm is an opportunity for players to discharge bullets. When discharging bullets into a school of fish, the probability of winning is often high and the number of birds killed is also much greater.

Shooting the whole fish is also an effective shooting machine tips that gamers recommend to apply when experiencing and entertaining with this game. On the screen appeared nearly 10 fish, players should use high-powered weapons aimed at them and shoot continuously. This method will help you catch a lot of fish, get high reward points.

However, you should also consider the number of bullets suitable for the fish. Do not indifferently discharge bullets continuously, though they do not hit much.

Tips to shoot big fish

Of course, the big fish will be a “bargain” for you to improve your score and every player aims to destroy them. However, this tactic is really suitable for people who have previously reserved money. Because you can buy high destructive weapons to easily destroy them. Normally players will use 7 bullets to knock down quickly, each big fish destroyed will correspond to a score of 100 – 200.

Besides ammunition, this should really be a target for those with a lot of experience and good shooting skills. If you do not have the ability to shoot and invest a large amount of weapons, it is very easy to lose money.

Try fire sniping strategy

Most of the psychology of players is shooting at big fish to win many points in Fish Hunter and a lot of money but ignoring the small fish is also a wrong way to play, really if you’re new to playing, you should not risk playing. in this way. Shooting big fish does not kill you lose points or lose bullets very big and fish stray dead bullets you also do not have points. Peanut bullets are those hit by stray bullets. 1 dead bullet may be a small fish but may also be a fairy but you do not count. We should know how to make use of the small angle of the fish shot machine because it has a mode to shoot dead fish bullets, you play the mustache as follows.


First, the player rotates his gun barrel continuously around the fish table, then let’s just shoot each and every single shot and do not shoot too many bullets at the same time.

Shoot bullets slowly so that each bullet goes in the direction and each bullet so the owner has 1 fish and with the bigger fish, please shoot 2 3 bullets at it and we should also note that you should not focus on shooting at you. Please shoot a lot of places at it.

In this way, your bullet can hit several fish with a higher chance of dying and the dead fish will also be hit and bullets that are difficult to die will also be able to hit bullets instead of using 10 dead bullets. big fish with 10 bullets you have just shot and killed small fish and big fish hit by the bullet is also a very high probability of death

Shoot slowly but quickly

Big fish usually have a lot of people shooting them, so don’t focus too much on it, shoot the fish that we only shoot, because dead fish will get you this one, save a lot of bullets.

In Fish Hunter, shooting big fish takes a lot of bullets, but if you shoot a big fish but a few people shoot you, it will cost a lot of bullets, but it is not sure that the fish will die. To shoot the big fish you shoot or shoot in the way of increasing the bullets, if you master this operation, you can earn points very easily.

To sum up

Above is the way to win the most effective Fish Hunter online game today, it is important that if you are a new player, please go slowly and practice the easiest shot, do not be ambitious in big fish, it will be difficult for you to overcome the experienced players.

In this day and age, to be able to experience immediately with this interesting shooting fish game is as easy as it is in a click, provided that there are wireless connections. You register an account at CMD368, with extremely nice interface, fairness and transparency of information, this is a very unique advantage of CMD368. So why hesitate any longer, join now to conquer the big fish of the ocean!