Dragon Tiger  was invented in Cambodia. In land-based casinos, the game attracts mostly Asian players. But when playing online, players in other countries also can enjoy the game and a live dealer presentation in real-time.

Dragon Tiger Rules and how to play in CMD368

Firstly, you need to make an account in CMD368 and deposit your money to play. The sign-up step is quite simple, you only need to fill in your information and click the sign-up. After that, make your first top-up and you good to go.

Rules of Dragon Tiger

In this game, any number of standard decks can be used.

The ranks of cards are slightly like in poker, except aces are always low.

Each of the Dragon and Player hands will receive a single card.

The bet is mainly on which hand will get the higher card.

How to play

Players will place their suitable bets on the Dragon or the Tiger to enjoy the game. Then they will wait for the live dealer to place the cards on the table, both of them will be revealed face up. 

After that, there are no further actions in the game. The hand is a tie and the house will take half of every wager that has been placed if both spots receive the same value card. Other than that, the game is simple and very easy to play.

Players moves

Players’ moves are limited when playing Dragon Tiger live dealer game. They can only place their bets on the Dragon or the Tiger or Tie. Whichever has the highest card will be the winner and payouts are depended on according offered. 

There is also one more bet that can be placed is tie bets which will bet on whether the two revealed cards will be of equal value. This bet payout is 8:1, just like with Baccarat. However, the casino is offered a huge edge at 32.7% by tie bets, so the bet is best avoided.

Over and Under bets can also be placed with Dragon Tiger, players will place a bet on whether the Dragon or the Tiger spot will be Big, over 7, or Small, under 7. If either spot is a 7, this wager will lose.

Dragon tiger suit bets

There is one more bet that can be placed on the game and it is the suit bet. With this bet, if a correct suit is selected the wager will pay 3:1. Players will choose the Dragon or the Tiger hand and guess which suit the card will be. If a seven is revealed the casino will take all wagers like other bets in the game.

Dragon Tiger playing tips and hints

The object of the game is like Baccarat where players must guess either Dragon or Tiger hand will have the highest card. Live casino game is very simple and fun; but remember, money is still on the line. So, here are some amazing tips to increase the winning odds.

Your Best Option is Betting on Dragon or Tiger

The best option for those players who just want to play the game without using strategies or card counting is to stick to the Dragon and Tiger bets.

It’s the lowest of all possible bets because the house edge for these bets is 3.73%. Just focus on placing your bet on the Dragon or Tiger bet if you think that either of them will have a higher ranking card. These bets always pay even money.

Live Dragon Tiger is perfect for counting cards

Because of the very simplicity of the game and the fact that very little cards are dealt with each deal. It makes even easier to count the cards and keep track of how many small or big cards have been dealt. 

Most important, you can keep track of how many times the 7 have been dealt, because if a 7 is drawn, you lose your bet no matter what bet you make.

Use Suit-based Strategy

You can say that luck is the greatest factor in Dragon Tiger, and it’s true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it strategically. The best way is to keep track of which suits have been dealt the most, which implies that the suit bet is the best bet for this strategy. 

For example, calculate how many decks have been used and how many suit cards are in play. Your best option would be to bet on the clubs if your estimates show that after some time the clubs suit has been played the least.

The Tie bet is the worst

Players think that tie bet would make big money because of the tie bet payouts is 8 to 1. This may seem very attractive, but avoiding it is the best thing because the house edge on this bet is 32.77%. 

The outcomes of only 6,488 are ties from all possible 86,320 hand combinations, so actually there are 79,872 cases where you can lose. It is pretty obvious that the tie bet is one of the most difficult bets in Dragon Tiger. And even worse with the suited tie bet: only 1,456 outcomes can be a suited tie.

Other betting options

To increase your winning chances, you can place on other bets in the game aside from the Dragon, Tiger, tie and Suit bets. There are also Over and Under (Big and Small) bets. 

With these bets, players will make a bet on whether a certain card will be Over, meaning it is over 7, or Under, under 7. With this wager, the house edge of the casino is 7.69%, so it is not always the best option.

Avoid betting system

Betting systems on Dragon Tiger has been suggested by some players because it is so simple of a game, but not many do they know that no one has ever said that he has won a big money by the betting system when playing casino games. So be clever and just play the game without them.

To sum up

For a game with easy rules and gameplay like Dragon Tiger, it’s such a waste if you never try it before. If you decide to go to online casino and just want to have fun, this game is perfectly suited for you. Let make an account and experience it now to have big promotion!