Have you ever seen someone won an amount of money by Baccarat? This interesting game is very easy to learn and play in a few minutes. This article will introduce what Baccarat is and rules to play one round.

1. What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a table game popular in casinos, like other games such as Roulette, Blackjack. Baccarat is a card game that many people choose to conquer when they first entered gambling. The game uses a total of 416 cards from 8 different decks, which are mixed and randomly divided among the players. The number of cards is quite much, so the number of people participating in Baccarat can allow is 14 people.

2. How to play Baccarat?

Baccarat has dealers and is distinguished from games played on the machine and there are 3 results that can happen in one round: Player, Banker and Tie. Players only need to place bets where they choose. All remaining work will be done by Dealer. At the end of the betting time, the dealing takes place. No matter how many people bet, only two decks of cards are dealt: one for the Player and one for the Banker.
Depending on the score, each side will keep the original two cards or draw a third card. Each party will be dealt a maximum of 3 cards. The party with the closest score of 9 wins.

3. Basic rules to play Baccarat

Scoring method

The scores of the cards in Baccarat are calculated like this: – Card 2 to 9: score equal to the number on the face – Card 10, J, Q, K: 0 point – Card A: 1 point If the total points of the cards are 2 numbers, then we will subtract ten and keep the result of subtraction. Ex: 8 + 5 => 3 points

Determine to win or lose: as mentioned, the party with the closest score of 9 (or equal to 9) wins.

Bet and payout rates

When playing Baccarat, you can place one or more options with the payout ratio as follows:
Option Percent 
Player 1: 1
Banker 1: 0.95
Tie 1: 8

4. Strategy to play Baccarat

If you want to earn real money from Baccarat, you should not miss the following 9 Baccarat play tips. These will help you a lot when playing.

● Do not look for trends.

When start learning Baccarat, beginners often overestimate this tip, someone even thinks that you need to follow this trend to win. Many rounds record the outcome regardless of whether result is Baker, Player or Tie. In Baccarat, the probability is the same as determining whether the coin tossed is upside down or tails. Each result is of an independent event and no matter how hard it is to find a winning method. Have fun and don’t pressure yourself on potential trends. You will enjoy better Baccarat if you do not record too much each round.

● Smart betting

The moment you play Baccarat, you may wonder which is better: Banker or Player? When placing Banker, you will lose a 5% commission if you win so it seems like an unattractive option for new baccarat players. However, according to statistics, the Banker option is a safer option despite 5% commission if you win. This option has the advantage of a lower Banker so it is worth putting in the long term. Over time, the Banker wins 50.68% while the Player only wins 49.32%. It may not sound like much, but this number will bring steady returns over time. Players around the world love Baccarat. This game has appeared in movies. Online Baccarat also brings you an exciting casino-like experience.

● Forget the Tie option

Any experienced player will say that a tie is the worst bet to place. The payout ratio looks tempting but you have to be very lucky to be able to win at this option because it only shows about 9%. Of course, if won, the prize would be very attractive. So, unless you have the psychic ability to predict exactly when to draw, this option is not worth risking your fortune.

● Follow your hunches

After playing Baccarat for a while, you will feel like you have a method of ensuring a stable win in the long run. In fact, ambiguity can be a good thing, and quite funny. Instead of using a lot of tips, sometimes the hunch is the best. Statistically, this does not reduce your chances of winning but increases your excitement. In many casinos, there is no shortage of dreamers who don’t know what they are doing but still win big, those who have the most fun and are most likely to win. In Baccarat, thinking too much can lead to losing, don’t forget to enjoy the game.

● Consider competing casinos

A 5% commission is standard and non-negotiable when placed on the Banker option. However, it is not impossible to find a casino that accepts smaller commissions. Although the 1% commission reduction is almost negligible, it can make a difference in the long term and keep your account positive. But this does not mean that you should play Baccarat with the dealer – the commission is subject to the rules of each casino.

● Pay attention to each table

While most rounds charge a 5% commission for Banker, do not assume that applies to all casinos. Many cages collect up to 10% or 25% of the commission. Pay attention to the rules listed at each table. If you choose a Tie, you should also pay attention to the payout ratio for a given option. There are many tables that pay only 6:1 or lower.

● As little as possible

Baccarat tables are usually played outside with 8 standard decks of cards. Playing online is different because it uses electronic cards, not real cards. Smart players have a small advantage if they find a baccarat table smaller than 8 decks of cards. Although not easy to find, there are tables with 4-6 decks of cards. If you cross those tables, don’t forget the secret to playing short sessions. Skilled players can count when fewer decks are used and can fairly predict the outcome of the next round.

● Play online vs play real

Whether you like the casino atmosphere or privacy at home, Baccarat is still an interesting game. The key difference is playing against the live dealer or online standard table. Like many other online games, no Baccarat’s dealer version is fully digitized, the number of cards is unlimited. This does not change much, players can also practice online before playing to improve their skills and confidence.
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